Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

What is the Workforce Recruitment Program?

The Workforce Recruitment Program is a resource for business nationwide to identify qualified temporary and permanent employees.

 How do I get a free CD-ROM?

You can request a free CD-ROM online or call the Workforce Recruitment Support Line at (724) 891-3533. Federal Agencies must click here for more information.

What type of computer do I need?

You will need a IBM compatible PC using Windows 95/98,ME or NT/2000 with a 4x or better CD-ROM drive.

Can I install the CD-ROM if I am on a network?

You should check with your network administrator to see if the CD-ROM can be installed on the network.

When is the CD-ROM available?

The Workforce Recruitment Program CD-ROM is available beginning in mid-March and is updated annually.

Are the students resumes on the CD-ROM?

No, however, the CD-ROM contains a summary sheet of each student. You may call or e-mail the Workforce Recruitment Program to request copies of the students’ resumes.

Can I have a personalized search done?

You can call the WRP Support Line at (724) 891-3533 or e-mail to have a specialized search using specified job requirements.