Tech support bulletin 2003-1

tech support bulletin 2003-1

Installing the WRP 2003 CDROM if the WRP 2002 database is currently installed on your PC.

This bulletin is technical support information for users who have an existing WRP 2002 database installed on their computer and wish to install the WRP 2003 CDROM, with the updated database.

The recommended procedure for installing the WRP 2003 CDROM database is:

  1. Uninstall the WRP 2002 program first.  This can be done as follows:
    1. Click on Start | Programs | WRP 2002 | Setup | Remove Program.  This will start the Corel Uninstaller.   The Uninstaller should report that there is a Corel application available to be removed.  Click Next and select the folder labeled “WRP 2002”.  Click Next and continue until the Uninstaller completes and indicates that the WRP 2002 program has been uninstalled.
    2. Select the “Restart” option when it is presented, to complete the uninstall process.
  2. When your computer has been restarted, you can install the WRP 2003 CDROM using the instructions that were delivered with the CDROM.

Note:  If you get an error message when you start the WRP 2003 program, contact the WRP Support Desk at 1-866-696-1698 and ask for Bob.