How to Use Tech Support Bulletin 2003-2

Correcting an error: “Cannot find c:\..\startWRP.sdl”

This bulletin is technical support information for users who receive this error when starting up the WRP 2003 database.

Tech support bulletin 2003-2 This error is caused when the database file cannot be found using the database alias “wrpPublic” in the Paradox runtime program.  This alias is an absolute path to the file called “startWRP.sdl”.  This is most frequently seen when a user has installed an earlier version of the WRP CDROM and has installed a newer version of the Workforce Recruitment Program database, without uninstalling the earlier version.

To correct this problem:

  1. Open the WRP database.  You should see the error message.  Note the full path name as shown in the error message.  This is the path that the program is using to search for the startWRP.sdl file.
  2. On the Tools menu of the Paradox runtime program, click on the Tools menu and select the Alias Manager item.
  3. In the Alias Manager dialog, select the “wrpPublic” item in the database alias dropdown list.
  4. The path shown for the database alias should be the incorrect path recorded from the error message in step 1, above.
  5. Edit the path to be: c:\Program files\WRP2003\
  6. Close the dialog and the program.
  7. Restart the WRP database and the database should open successfully.

Note:  If you still receive the error message when you start the WRP 2003 program, then record the path in the error dialog and contact the WRP Support Desk at 1-866-696-1698 and ask for Bob.